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How is Dr. Levy’s Weight loss & Wellness program any different?

After extensive research, Dr. Levy formulated an individualized program that is unique based on YOUR biochemistry and genetic make-up.  Since your genetic and biochemistry is different, as your diet and lifestyle, Dr. Levy will put together an individualized treatment plan.

Step 1 (Conventional Lab Tests): Dr. Levy will review your conventional blood-urine results: specifically CBC with Diff, CMP, TSH, FT4, Lipid Panel, Fasting Glucose and HbA1C. In certain high risk individuals chest X-rays and ECG will be required.

Step 2 (Functional Lab Tests): Dr. Levy recommends his unique Integrated Lab Profile, which encompass:

  • Food allergies (IgE), and sensitivities (IgG) panel
  • Nutritional deficiencies profile
  • Environmental toxicities panel
  • Hormonal & Neurotransmitters imbalances

Dr Levy Trilogy Lab Profile

Step 3 (Treatment Plan): Customized diet plan, exercise routine, medical detoxification, and if required specific supplementation, in certain cases injectable nutrients will be recommended as well.

Step 4 (Progress Assessments): Your progress will be monitored every other week at first then once per month, to ensure continuity of care and consistency.

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