Should you eat Organic Tomatoes ?


When it comes to Tomatoes, research suggests Organic is better: “Organic Tomatoes were overall richer in antioxidants, vitamins,  and other health promoting bioactive compounds.”

Dr Levy about Tomatoes

Organic versus conventional tomatoes: Influence on physicochemical parameters, bioactive compounds and sensorial attributes.


The effect of organic and conventional agricultural systems on the physicochemical parameters, bioactive compounds content, and sensorial attributes of tomatoes (“Redondo” cultivar) was studied. The influence on phytochemicals distribution among peel, pulp and seeds was also accessed. Organic tomatoes were richer in lycopene (+20%), vitamin C (+30%), total phenolics (+24%) and flavonoids (+21%) and had higher (+6%) in vitro antioxidant activity. In the conventional fruits, lycopene was mainly concentrated in the pulp, whereas in the organic ones, the peel and seeds contained high levels of bioactive compounds. Only the phenolic compounds had a similar distribution among the different fractions of both types of tomatoes. Furthermore, a sensorial analysis indicated that organic farming improved the gustative properties of this tomato cultivar.



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